Monday, February 4, 2008

A fresh start

Have made some progress. Have joined a training course for a 10K around Easter time so I've resolved the where to run dilemma. Really enjoying it so far but it is hard work, even though only running for 2 mins at a time so far - phew! Have also arranged to borrow neighbour's dog when I'm running at night so on track. Hope I've lost some weight so far as have been going to gym etc - we'll see in a few days time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nearly ready to start running!

So...I'm nearly ready. I'm psyching myself up to start running again. I've had a flick through my idiot's guide and have thought about when I'm going to run (haven't decided that yet). The big problem at the moment is where...will probably be running after work so it'll be dark (winter) and there are no tracks around. Used to run in the street but that can get annoying when you keep having to break stride to wait for traffic or go up and down pavements but I don't want to run around dark parks or unlit areas at night - boo! Have to work out a circuit of town to start with and then I'll go to more interesting places at the weekend!

First, though, am off to a wedding this weekend so my plans will have to wait until after that!